Less cost, High value, Customer satisfaction, Trusted advocate for both commodity and advanced technologies.

Since 2009, Strategic Custom Solutions has serviced approximately 700 customers across the United States including Hawaii and Alaska. SCS helps customers obtain and connect with the best of breed providers/solutions in the industry.  Our team has a reputation for maintaining very high customer satisfaction by providing market leading and advanced next generation information technology solutions in the following areas: 

  • Most of the “Large Enterprise Data”, SAN/NAS/Networking Hardware for Cloud/Hybrid/on premise solutions/services
  • Add-on, new, refurbished, certified new hardware, 3rd party support, spares onsite (up to 80% savings)  
  • Market leading “Governance, risk management, and compliance” or GRC & market leading penetration tests/vulnerability assessments, capture the flag, social engineering
  • Expert and top rated training/professional services/staffing/contracting/custom coding/managed services/helpdesk for:  Microsoft, Oracle, networking,  virtualization products,  clustering , surveillance, archiving, security,  video, teleconference, streaming web, editing systems
  • Market leading and new disaster recovery, business continuity, high availability, backup elimination,  backup services/solutions
  • Leveraging audio video assets to create an enhanced level of communication and collaboration,: Huddle Groups, clear audio, Design/Engineering, Programming will create a touch panel control system, Project Management, Installation, Training,
  • Security penetration tests/vulnerability assessments, capture the flag, social engineering, packet capture devices  automated monthly security tests
  • Market leading cloud (both private, hosted and outsourced), hosted/managed data centers
  • Immediate Merger/Acquisition application integration while utilizing existing hardware, software, applications, etc. for both companies and at the same time providing quick global consolidated financial/application/data access/ordering/etc. information. Enterprise system business software (data collaboration, quick merger/acquisition data integration requirements, accelerated product delivery, intercommunication among different applications with no new development necessary, etc.)
  • Eco-friendly disposition/e-waste reduction services for secure shredding of your media/hardware at your or our facility for security/certification. We will assess you assets for market resale value first, disassemble units, video record process for verification, green friendly disposal, guarantee your assets will not end up in a landfill here or abroad